Comédie-Française 20/21

Argan, Lucrèce Borgia, Britannicus… rediscover the emblematic figures of French theatre on the big screen. The Comédie-Française invites you to the cinema for three timeless productions: Le Malade imaginaire by Molière, Lucrèce Borgia by Victor Hugo and Britannicus by Racine. Enjoy a front-row cinema experience of the best theatre has to offer.

The criminal, adulterous and incestuous Lucrezia Borgia seeks to escape from the evil that is her condition, to be recognised and loved by Gennaro, the child she had with her brother. During a ball in Venice, Gennaro, who has an aversion to the Borgias, courts a beautiful masked lady before discovering, to his horror, that it is Lucrezia. Stung by the affront of Gennaro's friends who insult her, and suspected of adultery by her husband, Lucrezia sets a heartbreaking act of revenge in motion.

Argan, a cantankerous hypochondriac obsessed by his ailments, is surrounded by a court of corrupt and ignorant doctors who take advantage of him. A tyrannical father, he is set on marrying his daughter Angélique to the nephew of Monsieur Purgon, his faithful personal physician. However, she is in love with the young Cléante and resists his wishes, even if it means being sent to a convent. The odious stepmother Béline further fuels the conflict. It takes the tenacity and wiles of the maid Toinette for the masks to fall.

Thanks to the manipulations of his mother Agrippina, Nero now rules over Rome. Yet it is his half-brother Britannicus, rightful heir to the late Emperor, who should have inherited the throne. Viewing him as a threat, Nero has Britannicus' fiancée Junie kidnapped and gradually transforms into a tyrant.