Carmen Suite / Petrushka

Carmen Suite / Petrushka

1 intermission

Live from Moscow



Carmen: Impetuous Carmen seduces Don José in order to convince him to let her out of jail. Once outside, she thinks she’s finally free before realizing that she’s in fact prisoner of a love triangle: she wants to be with the famous Torero Escamillo, but she can’t make Don José go away.

Petruska: At Saint-Petersburg’s carnival, three puppets are playing the same role over and over: the unhappy lover Petrushka, the coquette and a Moor. Fed up with this endless part that never goes well for him, Petrushka attacks his rival and flees from the puppets theater.


Carmen is as passionate and free-spirited as ever as she finds herself caught in a love triangle. The passionate one act ballet by Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso originally conceived for legendary Bolshoi prima ballerina Maya Plisetskaya will captivate audiences alongside Petrushka, a new creation for the Bolshoi by contemporary choreographer Edward Clug, in an evening encapsulating the soul of Russian Ballet.
Georges Bizet, Rodion Shchedrin and Igor Stravinsky
Alberto Alonso and Edward Clug
(For Carmen Suite) Alberto Alonso after Prosper Mérimée
CARMEN SUITE: Svetlana Zakharova (Carmen), Denis Rodkin (José), Mikhail Lobukhin (Escamillo), Olga Marchenkova (Fate)
PETRUSHKA: Denis Savin (Petrushka), Ekaterina Krysanova (The Ballerina), Anton Savichev (The Moor), Vyacheslav Lopatin (The Magician)